Belintung crackers are very tasty

Helloindonesia.idCrackers have often been used as a complementary menu when we are eating food. The presence of this food can certainly arouse our tastes with a delicious and tasty taste.

Belintung crackers
Belintung crackers

One of the famous crackers that is delicious and tasty is Belitung crackers. With the main ingredients such as shrimp and mackerel fish and mixed with flour and salt, the taste of crackers is so delicious when we try it.

Where can I buy these crackers?

Belitung crackers can easily be found in the center of Tanjung Pandan City, Belitung. One of the places that sell Belitung crackers is on Sriwijaya Street, Tanjung Pandan. Along this road, we can easily see these crackers hanging in front of the store.

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