Day: August 22, 2019

Gunongan Aceh
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Gunongan, Expression of Love the Sultan of Aceh – Alkisah, Sultan Iskandar Muda edited a beautiful girl from the State of Pahang, Malaysia, as his queen. Her name is Princess Kamaliah popularly known as ‘Putroe Phang’. The princess was also taken to Aceh, in the Darul World Palace, the sultan’s residence. After a long separation from his hometown, the empress began to […]

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Aceh Coffe
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The Tradition of Drinking Coffee, Becomes a Lifestyle in Aceh – The people of Aceh cannot be separated from coffee. For this reason, we will meet many coffee shops in various parts of the country nicknamed the Veranda of Mecca. Both day and night, various layers of society in Aceh fill coffee shops to relax drinking coffee. Not limited to the young to the […]

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