Day: April 23, 2020

Coastal Mount Rajabasa
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Exploring the Exoticism of the Coastal Mount Rajabasa – Mount Rajabasa is on the south side of South Lampung Regency. Its position is right between Kalianda which is the capital of the regency and Bakauheni Port. These two points are connected by the Trans-Sumatra Highway (Jalinsum). Which surrounds the north side of the mountain with a height of 1,281 meters above sea […]

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Melinting Lampung
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Traditions of Lampung Traditional Marriage “Melinting” – Broadly speaking, the indigenous people of Lampung are divided into two major adat groups, namely Pepadun and Saibatin (Peminggir). However, besides these two large groups, there are other traditional groups that have traditional trinkets and traditional rituals that are different from the two. One of them is Lampung Melinting people who live in […]

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