Day: June 4, 2020

Traditional Weaving Dayak Iban
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The Beauty of Traditional Weaving Dayak Iban – Kebat cloth’s name. This woven cloth is commonly used by the Iban Dayak people in West Kalimantan. This cloth has become one of the luxurious clothes that are commonly used at great ceremonies.The weavers of the Iban Dayak tribe often use asymmetrical patterns on kebat cloth. In addition, they also often use natural […]

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Tatung March
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Tatung March, 3 Culture of Singkawang City – Witnessing the attraction of this one is a bit of a sensation of tension. This is a parade of the Dayak-Chinese magicians’ attraction to celebrate Cap Go Meh, a celebration held after the Chinese New Year. The attraction, named Tatung Parade, follows Chinese traditions mixed with Dayak culture that can only be seen […]

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