Day: October 1, 2021

Batik Day
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National Batik Day, Protecting Indonesia’s cultural arts heritage – Reported by, the word ‘Batik‘ in language, comes from the combination of two kinds of words, namely the word ‘Amba’ and the word ‘Tik’. ‘Amba’ means broad or wide; which means broad, namely cloth as the material used, while ‘Tik’ means point. So, in combination it is usually called bati In an […]

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Eiger Adventure

Eiger Adventure Releases Album ‘Music for Adventure’ – Eiger Adventure, which is well-known as a brand provider of outdoor activity equipment specifically for tropical climates, recently made an innovation, guys. Eiger has just launched a compilation album in the form of a box set entitled ‘Music for Adventure’! ‘Music for Adventure’ is a collaboration moment between Eiger and six well-known Indonesian […]

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Pancasila Sanctity Day, continue to strengthen patriotism – Happy Pancasila Sanctity Day 2021, a difficult year for this country, in the midst of a pandemic storm that continues to occur. the spirit of the youth and the nation’s fighters must continue to burn. The dark history of this nation is really very imprinted in the timeline of the history of the […]

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