Gantar Traditional Dance – Gantar dance is a type of social dance between young mudi from Dayak Benuaq and Tunjung tribe in West Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan.

Gantar Traditional Dance
Gantar Traditional Dance

This dance symbolizes the joy and hospitality of dayak tribe in welcoming guests who come to East Kalimantan, either as tourists, investors, or honored guests. Guests are even invited to dance with the dancers.

Gantar dance movements depict people who are planting rice. The stick depicts a wooden grower to make a hole in the ground. While bamboo contains grains symbolizes rice seeds and containers. This dance is not only known by the Dayak Tunjung tribe, but also known by the Dayak Benuaq tribe. Gantar dance can be divided into three categories, namely Gantar Rayatn, Gantar Busai, and Gantar Senak or Gantar Kusak dances.

The costume worn by dancers is called Ulap Doyo, a woven fabric native to the Dayak Benuaq tribe taken from Doyo fibers. [TimIndonesiaExploride/IndonesiaKaya]

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