Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi, Underwater Beauty – Togean Islands National Park in Tomini Bay, including in Tojo Una-una District, Central Sulawesi. This area is known to have the beauty of coral reefs and various rare marine biota, most of which are included in the protected category. Most likely, tourists can see dolphins and whales that often enter the waters of Togean.

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The beauty of coral reefs and the Togean islands marine biota is an extraordinary attraction for tourists to visit. In fact, only with the naked eye, we can see beautiful colorful fish milling about among the coral reefs. That is why diving and snorkeling are favorite activities for tourists visiting the region.

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As part of the Sulawesi Island region, the Togean Islands are recorded in the Coral Triangle region. As a side note, the Coral Triangle is a triangular area of ​​tropical marine waters that has more than 500 species of coral reefs, covering the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and the Solomon Islands. The waters around Sulawesi Island are included in this triangle.

The Coral Triangle region is the center of the underwater biological wealth of all world biodiversity, and is the main conservation area in the world, which is under the auspices of WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

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Moreover, coral reefs in the Togean Islands are the most complete in Indonesia. There were 4 types of coral reefs recorded in this area, namely atolls, patch reefs, fringing reefs, and barrier reefs. Various colorful reefs can be found in the sea. About 262 coral species from 19 families are scattered in the islands’ waters. Seven of them are endemic species of the Togean Islands.

The Togean Islands stretch for 90 kilometers. Consisting of 6 large islands with 60 small islands. Some locations that are tourist destinations in the islands include:

Kadidiri Island
One of the best spots for diving and snorkeling is on this island. Kadidiri Island has clean white sand beaches and clear blue sea. Its marine biota of more than 200 kinds is an attraction for foreign tourists.

Una-una Island
On this island, there is Mount Colo, with a height of around 2,509 meters. Colo Mountain is a volcano that is still active. Una-Una Island also has a very beautiful diving area.

This island is unique. Una-una island that was formed due to volcanic eruptions is different from the cluster of other islands in the Togean Islands. If almost all beaches in the Togean Islands are white sand, the beach sand on Una-Una Island is black.

Batudaka Island
Batudaka Island is the largest island in the Togean Islands. The island is also the easiest to reach. On this island, there is the village of Bomba which is a residential area of ​​the Togean community. So, in this place tourists can get to know the lives of the Togean people more closely. In this area there is also a mangrove forest with a truly charming panorama.

Taipi Island
The waters on this island are a paradise for lovers of diving sports. This island has an amazingly beautiful underwater landscape. Coral reefs have grown within five meters of the coastline. So, no need to dive to be able to enjoy the beauty of this coral reef. The distance of Taipi Island to Kadidiri Island is about 4 kilometers.

Siatu Island
The island is inhabited by the Bajo. So, in this place tourists will be treated to exotica of Bajo settlement. The Bajo are a legendary sea tribe. This tribe is very famous as a great sailor. Bajo people even build their villages jutting towards the ocean.

Malenge Island
The island which also has a beautiful cluster of beaches and charming natural scenery is quite unique. Its natural conditions are still filled with lush tropical forests. This island is also a place for Bajo people to live.

Kundurang Island
Kundurang is a sea fishing location. Kundurang is located in the middle of the sea reef. The degradation of water colors makes this place truly charming. The reefs in this place are truly amazing. It is very beautiful and can be seen from the boat because the water is very clear.

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