Bopureh Dance
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The Story of Love Did Not Reach in the Bopureh Dance Kisah cinta di tanah jauh, tanah kerinduan di Rijuan TujuhTujuan akhir pemuda rantau, dari jangkang di atas sanggauGadis kanayan memikat hati, memberikan cinta sepenuh hatiBumi dipijak langit dijunjung, sampaikan cinta pada penghujungBeda bahasa beda budaya, lain adat lain silsilahPagar batas menahan langkah, warna-warni masalah berujung kisahApakah cinta seputih kapas, mengubah pelangi di langit lepas […]

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Malin Kundang Stone
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History of Malin Kundang Stone in West Sumatra

Helloindonesia – When talking about sons of disobedience, our minds must immediately be drawn to the legend of Malin Kundang. And if you are going to spend a vacation in West Sumatra, never miss an agenda to visit the attraction of Air Manis Beach and see Batu Malin Kundang. The stone which is the symbol […]

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aksara batak
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Batak characters are extinct – Batak scripts or in Batak languages ​​referred to as Batak Letters are one of the archipelago scripts that still exist today. Unfortunately, this script is endangered. Most Indonesian people do not even know that the Batak people have their own characters. In fact, the ability of the ancestors of the Batak people to […]

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Gurindam Dua Belas, A Combination of Malay Culture and Islam

Gurindam Dua Belas, which was completed by Raja Ali Haji in 1847, became a high-grade literary masterpiece of spiritual value (in Islam), the value of friendship of Malay clan, and reflection of society. The Malay track is very strong. Not only reaching the Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia alone, but also to the point of Malay […]

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Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Literature

Batombe, Reply to the rhyme of western Sumatra – Indonesia is very well known as a literary country, why is that. because many various regions have their own literary or literary culture. one of the most influential is Malay culture in Sumatra province. and this time we will discuss the tradition of replying to the “batombe” rhyme in West Sumatra. Not only […]

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Nusantara Language and Literature – Indonesia is a country with hundreds or even thousands of regional languages, but actually where does Indonesian itself come from or where Indonesian can enter this country. Nusantara language and literature were included in the Malay-Polynesian group in the Austronesian family and into the Papuan group. Both with the explanatory pattern “Wallacea-Weber” and […]

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