Kembang Island, The Monkey Island
Animal helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan South Kalimantan Nature

Flower Island (Kembang Island), Island of Monkeys – The first time you hear the word Flower Island, what comes to your mind is an island in which there are various types of flowers. Curious whether this island really has a variety of plants? Located west of Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan, Pulau Kembang is designated as one of the tourist forests. Kembang […]

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Bekatan Tarakan
Animal helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan North Kalimantan Nature

Seeing the active action of proboscis monkeys in the Tarakan Mangrove Forest – Tarakan is a district in Kaltara (North Kalimantan), which is the youngest province in Indonesia since last October 2012. There are not too many tourist objects that can be found in Kaltara, but there is one tourist forest that you must visit while in Tarakan, namely the Tarakan Mangrove Forest area. The Mangrove […]

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Animal Central Kalimantan helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan News Travel Nature

Say hello to Orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park – Tanjung Puting, a national park located in the province of Central Kalimantan is referred to as the orangutan capital in the world. Aside from being an orangutan rehabilitation center in Indonesia, its vast area which includes the Kumai District in West Kotawaringin Regency and Hanau District and the Seruyan Hilir District in Seruyan […]

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sinka zoo
Animal helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan West Kalimantan Nature Beach

Sinka Island Park, a combination of beach and zoo – A walk to the City of Singkawang seems incomplete if you do not visit Sinka Island Park, a tourist area located in Jalan Malindo Bay Karang, Singkawang, West Kalimantan. Sinka Island Park is an integrated tourist area that has the charm of an unspoiled beach and there is also the Sinka Zoo zoo. […]

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Way Kambas Elephant Conservation Center
Animal helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Nature

Way Kambas Elephant Conservation Center -Sumatran elephants have long been an inseparable part of the people of the island of Sumatra. Even in the past, elephants were used to strengthen the army during the imperial era. But then, the destruction of nature and wild hunting made the population of animals named Latin Elephas maximus sumateraensis shrink. The existence of […]

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Tukik captivity in Pariaman Turtle Conservation Center – Besides being known as a tourism object of the Clock Tower, West Sumatra also has an eco-tourism destination, the Turtle Conservation Center in Pariaman City. Here, we can see how the turtles that live in the Pariaman area are kept in captivity. Getting to the conservation center located on Jalan Syeh Abdul Arif, […]

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Animal helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Nature

Borneo elephants which are endangered – The size of the elephant’s body or Borneo elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) is smaller than the elephant in general. While Asian elephants can be as high as 3.5 meters, African elephants reach 4 meters, the maximum elephant height of Kalimantan is only 2.5 meters. Being the smallest type of elephant in the world, […]

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Animal helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Papua Nature

Cenderawasih, A Rare, Beautiful Bird from Papua – This type of bird has a bright fur color and contrast: red, brown, yellow, the underside of the green beak, and long tail white fur. When flying, wing feathers open like a beautiful fan. He is a bird that is famous because of its beauty, paradise. Cenderawasih represents another unique feature of the […]

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Animal helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian South Sulawesi Nature

Yaki, Rare Black Monkey from Sulawesi – Yaki (Macaca nigra) or wolay monkey are native black primates of Sulawesi Island. This monkey is included in the ranks of endangered species in the world. From the research conducted by Juan-Fran Gallardo in 2010, it was found that the population of Sulawesi’s black monkey did not reach 5,000 heads. Although included in […]

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Animal helloindonesia Indonesian Nature

Phylloscopus rotiensis, New Bird Species in the Wallacea Region – Joint research between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences found a new species of bird in the Wallacea region. The new type of bird is called the Rote Leaf-Warbler (Phylloscopus rotiensis), which belongs to the Phylloscopidae family. This new species is found on Rote Island, East Nusa […]

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