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Tabuik Ceremony in Pariaman, West Sumatra

Tabuik is a three-tiered keranda-shaped object made of wood, rattan and bamboo. Taboo is the main object that is paraded on the beach to then be thrown into the sea. Tabuik’s body is made in the form of a large, wide-winged horse, and has a long-haired beautiful woman. The making of tabuik was done from […]

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tradition ngobeng in palembang indonesia
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Ngobeng tradition in palembang Indonesia

Ngobeng is a tradition of eating together ancestral cultural heritage. That tradition, now starting to be rare because people prefer to entertain guests with a buffet. In fact, “ngobeng” is very meaningful, namely to respect guests and strengthen friendship. When entering the house, guests are immediately prepared with water to wash their hands and then […]

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Nganggung tradition in Bangka Belitung

is a hereditary tradition that can only be found in Bangka. Because the nganggung tradition is a Bangka identity, in accordance with the slogan Sepintu Sedulang, which reflects the nature of mutual cooperation, the same weight is carried lightly and equally carried. In this event, every family head brings dulang, a kind of round tray […]

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oldest cave painting
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The oldest paintings in the world are in East Kalimantan

The international research team led by Indonesian archaeologists managed to find a 40,000-year-old figurative painting in East Kalimantan. The oldest known painting in the world will be proposed as a world cultural heritage. Minister of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy said that figurative painting, which after being tested with the method of analysis of […]

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Air terjun tibu ijo, sumber :
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Looking at Palm Agrotourism in Kekait Village, West Lombok, Mataram – In Kekait Village, West Lombok Regency, there are valleys that are overgrown with arenas or enau (Arenga Pinnata) and become tourist destinations for tourists. The place called Lembah Pusuk is also a lot of white plants, jackfruit, langsat, kepundung and durian. In this garden the number of palm trees reaches 60 percent […]

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Bukit Bintang
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Apa bagimu sunset itu ?

Apa bagimu sunset itu ? emm mungkin pertanyaan nya emg sedikit aneh ya, tapi aku pengen jelasin dalam pengertian yang lain, dari sisi yang berbeda. oke sunset , waktu sore menuju senja dan malam, dimana mentari bersinar mulai kembali kuring mendekati horizon, kalo di inget siapa orang si yang gk suka lihat sunset. yak bagiku […]

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Other photography Tips Trick

5 Tips Hunting Foto Kalau Lagi Sendirian

Tips Hunting Foto halo balik lagi temen temen udah lama banget gk nulis, karena sibuk sama kerjaan baru harus penyesuaian, sekarang juga udah jarang hunting, tapi kali ini aku mau ngomongin hunting ni. sekarang nulis 5 Tips hunting foto sebelum kita mulai terlau jauh, hunting itu apa si? yah dari bahasa nya aja artinya “berburu”, […]

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