is a hereditary tradition that can only be found in Bangka. Because the nganggung tradition is a Bangka identity, in accordance with the slogan Sepintu Sedulang, which reflects the nature of mutual cooperation, the same weight is carried lightly and equally carried.

In this event, every family head brings dulang, a kind of round tray as big as tampah made of aluminium and some made of brass. For the latter this is now rather rare, but some Bangka people still have this brass leaf.


In this dulang arranged various types of food in accordance with the agreement what must be brought. When holding a cake, which is brought by a cake, holding rice, filling dulang rice and side dishes, nganggung ketupat usually at the time of Eid.

The nganggung is an activity carried out by the community in commemoration of the Islamic holidays, welcoming honored guests, salvation events for the dead, weddings or any event involving many people. Nganggung is to bring food in dulang or talam which is covered by serving food to mosques, surau, or village halls to be eaten together after performing religious rituals.

The one-week celebration welcomed the Chinese New Year held in Sungailiat City. It is an agenda foryear following the Chinese Calendar count.

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