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Mountains in Indonesia are one of almost perfect natural beauty. It is recorded that no less than 129 volcanoes are in a country dubbed gemah ripah loh jinawi. When compared with the total volcanoes in all corners of the earth, the percentage is 13%. So don\'t be surprised, if Indonesia is also often dubbed \”The Volcano Country\” or \”Ring of Fire\”.

The beautiful panorama of the mountains seems to be an oasis for those who want to escape for a moment to release the boredom of daily routines in urban areas. All the fatigue and pain will pay off once you arrive at the top. Surely you are impossible to believe in yourself when presented with the sights in front of your eyes.

GUNUNG SIBUATAN – Atap Negeri Sumatra Utara #2
GUNUNG SIBUATAN – Atap Negeri Sumatra Utara #2

Project mendokumentasikan keindahan alam indonesia oleh Fiersa Besari Mount Sibuaten or Deleng Sibuaten in Karo Language is the highest mountain in North Sumatra near Lake Toba. Mount Sibuaten is located on the border between Karo Regency and Dairi Regency with an altitude of 2,457 m above sea level or higher than Mount Sibayak which is […]

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