Riau is an Indonesian province on the central eastern coast of Sumatra, facing the Strait of Malacca. Hilly Pelalawan regency is a vast area that\'s home to rivers, forests and palm oil plantations. Sumatran tigers and elephants roam the rainforest-covered Tesso Nilo National Park. To its northwest, the ancient ruins of the Buddhist Muara Takus brick temple complex sit in a jungle clearing by the Kampar Kanan River.

Otak otak
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Grilled fish cake (otak-otak) from Riau

It’s not complete when traveling to the Riau islands without tasting these special snacks. Otak-otak (Grilled fish cake) name. snacks with minced meat or cuttlefish meat wrapped in coconut leaves and then burned to make this delicious snack eaten while visiting the tourist attractions of Bintan Island. Otak-otak (Grilled fish cake), Typical snacks Kepulaun Riau […]

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The Sakai tribe lives in harmony with nature

Helloindonesia.id – Sakai is one of the tribes that inhabit the inland areas of Riau on the island of Sumatra. The ancestors of the Sakai tribe are believed to have come from Pagaruyung, a Malay kingdom that once existed in West Sumatra. In the past, the Sakai tribe had a nomadic pattern of life, moving […]

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Offering (Persembahan) Dance
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Offering Dance (Persembahan) From Riau

Helloindonesia.id – Dance is an expression of beauty as outlined in the media of motion. Besides containing beauty, movements in dance also contain meanings which are then processed into messages. There are various elements that surround dance. These elements include body, rhythm, taste, and appearance. All these elements are interrelated to achieve aesthetic value in […]

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Bayan Api
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Celebrating Difference through the Parrot Dance Creation

Helloindonesia.id – The Bayan Api dance is a work of Riau art creation that tells of an area called Bagan Siapi-Api. Bagan Siapi-Api is part of the archipelago that is considered important because the region has always been close to the Malacca Strait as a center for international trade activities. Geographically, Bagan Siapi-Api is located […]

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Zapin Dara Dance
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Zapin Dara, Two Cultural Acculturation Dance

Helloindonesia.id – Since a long time ago, the people of the archipelago are known to have a culture that is open to foreign cultures without leaving their own cultural identity. The nature of openness results in cultural acculturation which further enriches the cultural treasures of the nation. Zapin dance is part of the results of […]

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