Kembang Goyang
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Kembang Goyang, Typical Betawi Cakes during Lebaran

Helloindonesia.id – Maybe you rarely find pastries from Betawi on this one. It’s called a shake flower cake. During Eid al-Fitr, this cake becomes a typical Betawi treat when welcoming guests who come in touch. Lately, the popularity of rocking flower cake is decreasing, as more and more types of cakes appear. Shake-flower cake is […]

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Tahu-Tek (Tofu), Tahu (Tofu) Typical Legendary Surabaya

Helloindonesia.id – At a glance, this culinary is a dish that is so appetizing. With plenty of spices and rice cake, tofu, and small sprouts or sprouts as the main ingredients, this food is one of the favorites in East Java. Tahu Tek, one of the culinary that you must try when in the Surabaya […]

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Pokdarwis Kejawen, Joy of Traditional Dressed Mothers in Solo Carnival

Helloindonesia.id – Even though they were no longer young, their enthusiasm for being one of the participants who took part in the Solo Carnival did not lose to young people. This is the Kejawen Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) which also enlivened the Solo Carnival parade which this year took the theme of Celebrating Javanese Costumes. […]

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Ronggeng Gunung, Traditional Arts Community of Ciamis-Pangandaran

Helloindonesia.id – Ronggeng Gunung art grows and develops in Ciamis and Pangandaran, West Java. In the past, this traditional dance was performed to welcome guests visiting the Galuh Kingdom. After the collapse of the Kingdom of Galuh, the art of mountain ronggeng changed its function, which was held on various celebratory occasions, including at wedding […]

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Baluran National Park Situbondo, Little Africa in Indonesia

Helloindonesia.id – No need to go far to Africa to enjoy the savanna scenery. We can find it in Indonesia, precisely in Baluran National Park, East Java. Tourist attractions in Situbondo Regency are very exotic, can be an unforgettable adventure location. The park which is located on the east end of Java Island is nicknamed […]

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Traditional Art Movement (GESIT), Preserving Ancestral Heritage

Helloindonesia.id – God Almighty has bestowed the Indonesian people on the richness and diversity of the ethnic groups, customs, languages, knowledge, local technology, traditions, local wisdom, and art. This diversity is a noble value cultural heritage that shapes the identity of the nation amid the dynamics of world development. Indonesian National Culture is the whole […]

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Pemaka Tradition, Guest Welcoming Ceremony in West Manggarai

Helloindonesia.id – Pemaka tradition is a way of traditional elders throughout West Manggarai Regency to welcome guests visiting villages. This tradition only exists in the West Manggarai region, not elsewhere. As reported by Kompas.com, not all guests are welcomed by the Pemaka Tradition. Only special guests, such as governors, regents, bishops, newly ordained priests and […]

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Monte Hair (Rambut Monte), Nature and Cultural Tourism in Blitar District

Helloindonesia.id – Rambut Monte is a tourist area in the form of lake, petilasan, and temple inherited from the Majapahit Kingdom. Located on the slopes of Mount Kawi, this tourist destination offers soothing natural beauty. This tourist attraction is located in Krisik Village, Gandusari District, Blitar. The distance is about 30 km from Blitar City, […]

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Reog Ponorogo, Legendary Cultural Arts

Helloindonesia.id – Reog is one of the cultural arts originating from northwestern East Java and Ponorogo which is considered the original city of Reog. The town gate of Ponorogo is decorated by the figures of Warok and Gemblak, two figures who participated when Reog was shown. Reog is one proof of regional culture in Indonesia […]

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Ranca Buaya Beach, Exotic Coral Stones in West Java

Helloindonesia.id – One of the uniqueness of Rancabuaya Beach is its rocky contour. You will find small fish carried by waves trapped in the reefs. The existence of a waterfall, or waterfall in the local language, adds to the beauty of this beach. The beach is located in Purbayani Village, Caringin District, Garut, which has […]

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