Kembang Goyang, Typical Betawi Cakes during Lebaran

Kembang Goyang – Maybe you rarely find pastries from Betawi on this one. It’s called a shake flower cake. During Eid al-Fitr, this cake becomes a typical Betawi treat when welcoming guests who come in touch. Lately, the popularity of rocking flower cake is decreasing, as more and more types of cakes appear.

Kembang Goyang
Kembang Goyang

Shake-flower cake is an old-fashioned snack that is still popular today. The name ‘shake flower’ comes from its shape which resembles a flower petal and the process of making it shake until the dough is released from the mold.

This cake is made from the basic ingredients of rice flour or glutinous rice flour. As the development, this cake also experienced the addition of flavor variants. A few drops of frambozen essences, pandanus essences, and sesame seeds as a variety of flavors to the addition of color make the appearance of rocking flowers look so attractive. As a cake that is served in clear jars, rocking flowers are very beautiful if arranged neatly.

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