Amantubillah Palace, Seeing Remnants of Mempawah Kingdom’s Glory – Amantubillah Palace stands firmly in Pulau Pedalaman Village, East Mempawah District, West Kalimantan. This palace was built during the reign of Gusti Jamiril. Who had the title Panembahan Adi Wijaya Kesuma (1761 – 1787) who was the 3rd sultan of the Mempawah Sultanate.

Amantubillah Palace has a dominant light green color. Once set foot in this palace area. Visitors will be greeted by the palace gate that reads ‘Mempawah Must Go Forward, Embarrassed With Custom’. Once past the gate, we will see a green lawn with several cannons placed on the grass.

Main part of Amantubillah palace

Amantubillah Palace Complex is divided into three main parts namely the main building, right wing and left wing. Previously, the main building in this palace was the throne of the king and the empress to the royal family. Meanwhile, the right wing building was used as a place to prepare banquets for the royal family. All the necessary banquets for palace guests were prepared in this building.

Meanwhile, the left wing was used as a central room to take care of the administration of the royal government. In addition, the building on the left wing is also often used as a hall where the king meets with the courtiers.

Currently, the three buildings have changed functions, such as the main building. Which has now been converted into a Kingdom Museum in Mempawah which stores various royal relics such as the king’s throne, oversized clothing, and royal umbrellas. This building also holds photographs of the king who had ruled the palace and his family.

Meanwhile, the right wing building currently has a function as a palace pavilion and the left wing building is currently used as a residence for the relatives of the Mempawah Kingdom. In this palace complex, visitors can also see the former bathing pool of the sultan and his family, but at this time the condition is no longer functioning due to siltation and the closing of the water channel that connects the pond to the Mempawah River tributary.

Istana Amantubillah itself means “I Believe in Allah”. In his journey, this palace had experienced a fire in 1880 precisely when the reins of power were held by Gusti Ibrahim who had the title Panembahan Ibrahim Mohamad Syafiuddin and was in power in 1864 to 1892.

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