SouthEast Sulawesi

Southeast Sulawesi is a province on the island of Sulawesi, forming the southeastern peninsula of that island, together with a number of substantial offshore islands such as Buton, Muna, Kabaena and Wawonii, together with many smaller islands. The capital is the city of Kendari, on the east coast of the peninsula.

Terhipnotis Keindahan Bawah Laut Perairan Pulau Tomia
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Hypnotized by the underwater beauty of the waters of Tomia Island

The popularity of Wakatobi National Park is already worldwide. Ordained as an area with the best dive points in the world, making the Wakatobi National Park a must-visit destination in Indonesia. Located in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, this national park area holds surprises of underwater beauty that never get tired of talking about. If […]

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The Fresh Sensation of Bathing in Kontamale Cave in Wakatobi
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The Fresh Sensation of Bathing in Kontamale Cave in Wakatobi – Talking about bathing in a cave, it looks very foreign to hear. Then how about this one bath?. Yup, public baths in the kontamale cave. This Kontamale bath is very familiar to the ears of the people of Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. The name Kontamale means bath, lake or lake. Kontamale Public Bath Nature […]

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Pantai Kamali, Wisata Andalan Kota Baubau, Sulawesi Tenggara.
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Kamali Beach, Mainstay of Baubau City Tourism, Southeast Sulawesi. – Indonesia is one of the archipelagic countries. No wonder there are many natural attractions in Indonesia that present the natural beauty of the beach. Almost every area certainly has a natural tourist spot that attracts tourists to visit. One of them is in the city of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi. Kamali Beach, Baubau City […]

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Salude is a traditional musical instrument similar to a tube sitar which belongs to the ido-cordophone group
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Typical Salude Music Rhythm Manado, North Sulawesi – Sulawesi is a province that has many natural, culinary and even cultural attractions. Musical instruments are part of the arts in each region that has its own characteristics. One of the popular musical instruments found in these islands is the Salude. What is a Salude Musical Instrument? Talking about the Salude musical instrument. […]

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Pantai Nirwana, Serpihan Surga Di Tanah Buton
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Nirvana Beach, Paradise In Buton Land – Nirwana, a word that comes from the Malay language means heaven. Then is it too much if there is a place called Nirvana? Does not seem. Try coming directly to a place called Nirwana Beach in Sula Village, Betoambari, Bau-Bau, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. On this beach, you can enjoy views that make your […]

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Natural Beauty on Wangi Wangi Island
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Natural Beauty on Wangi Wangi Island – Wangi-wangi Island or local people call it Wanci Island is an island in the Wakatobi Archipelago National Park (TNKW) group, Southeast Sulawesi. This island, is the main gateway to the islands of the Wakatobi National Park, which is famous for its enchanting, rich and majestic underwater world. Wangi-wangi Island is an area of […]

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