Pantai Kamali, Wisata Andalan Kota Baubau, Sulawesi Tenggara.

Kamali Beach, Mainstay of Baubau City Tourism, Southeast Sulawesi. – Indonesia is one of the archipelagic countries. No wonder there are many natural attractions in Indonesia that present the natural beauty of the beach. Almost every area certainly has a natural tourist spot that attracts tourists to visit. One of them is in the city of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi.

  • Pantai Kamali, Wisata Andalan Kota Baubau, Sulawesi Tenggara.
  • Pantai Kamali, Wisata Andalan Kota Baubau, Sulawesi Tenggara.
  • Pantai Kamali, Wisata Andalan Kota Baubau, Sulawesi Tenggara.

Kamali Beach, Baubau City

Talking about the city of Baubau which is located in Southeast Sulawesi Province, you will be the center of attention when you hear Kamali beach. Kamali beach is one of the places to relax that is in great demand by local residents. Not only local residents, many tourists visit the beach just to talk and enjoy this beach. However, Kamali beach will always be a favorite place for the people of the city of Baubau to gather and have fun. No wonder this beach is always crowded every day.

When you hear the word beach, you will usually imagine a blue ocean with sand. However, not for Kamali beach. When visiting this beach, tourists will be presented with strong waves, fishing boats busy looking for fish and a gentle breeze that slaps the face.

Kamali Beach which is also an icon of the city of Baubau is the Dragon Head Statue which is the hallmark of Kamali beach. Interestingly, this beach is made very long as if it has a body. In addition, the Kamali beach area is divided into three main areas. The west coast area is used as a parking lot for visitors. This area is also used as a place for street vendors to sell various kinds of merchandise. While on the east side of the beach is used as traders who trade at night. For the center area, there is an icon from the city of Baubau, namely a statue of a dragon head from the previous Buton Kingdom.

Kamali Beach Charm

In addition, Kamali Beach also presents stunning natural scenery. Along the edge of the beach has a very neat garden dish that makes it even more beautiful. The attraction of this beach is the reason for tourists to visit to enjoy this beach. Not only that, in some areas there is still beach sand that has been set aside. The existence of this sand is because there is a need for the park to be a means of playing for children. Because the beach scenery is so beautiful, it’s no wonder that many tourists take pictures of themselves here as a trail.

The Beauty of Kamali Beach, at Night

When the night comes, along the coast, colorful lights are installed which add to the charm of the beauty of Kamali beach at night. Moreover, on the night of the week there will be street performances. Like a mini concert that plays its musical instruments and brings some songs. This tour not only spoils the eyes, but also the tongue. Culinary ranging from main meals, desserts, snacks, to the typical food of the island of Buton. Moreover, this place is served with a typical Sulawesi drink, namely Saraba. Saraba looks similar to ginger wedang in Java, but Saraba has a strong aroma of flavor from its natural spices

How much is the entrance fee for Kamali Beach?

Kamali beach itself is located in the center of Baubau city. From Murhun Baubau port, you can cover a distance of about 100 meters using public transportation. Each visitor will be charged an entrance fee of Rp. 10,000. with parking for four wheels Rp. 10,000 while the two wheels Rp. 5,000. With a very cheap price, we can already enjoy the beauty of the beach of Kamali. Not to mention the facilities provided are quite adequate.

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