Papeda is a food made from sago flour. That's why papeda is a staple food in Eastern Indonesia.
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Papeda Dishes Typical of Eastern

Indonesia Indonesia is one of the largest spice-producing countries in the world. No wonder our country has various types of typical Indonesian cuisine. From Sabang to Merauke, there is a unique and interesting diversity of Indonesian culinary specialties. One of them is this typical Ambon food, the name is Papeda. In addition, this food is […]

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Rumah Kaki Seribu
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Thousand-foot house Typical Arfak tribe – It turns out that not only animals have a thousand legs, there are also houses with thousand legs. This is the traditional house of the Arfak tribe, West Papua, named Mod Aki Aksa or Igkojei and better known as the Thousand Foot House. Typically, houses on stilts have a foundation pole that is […]

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Honor Above the Asmat Chief – The Asmat tribe is known as one of the great tribes in Papua that has extraordinary local wisdom. They have great respect for the nature and lives of their predecessors. Like other tribes in Papua, this respect is usually shown in various arts they have such as dances, songs, and wood carvings typical […]

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Cenderawasih, A Rare, Beautiful Bird from Papua – This type of bird has a bright fur color and contrast: red, brown, yellow, the underside of the green beak, and long tail white fur. When flying, wing feathers open like a beautiful fan. He is a bird that is famous because of its beauty, paradise. Cenderawasih represents another unique feature of the […]

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Baliem Valley Festival – The Baliem Valley Festival is an annual event held in a field in the foothills of the Walesi District, Wamena, Jayawijaya, Papua. The festival which involved representatives of 40 districts from all of Wamena was first held in 1989. Formerly the Baliem Valley Festival was a war event between Dani, Lani, and Yali […]

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Bay of Triton, Hidden heaven in Papua – Speaking of Kaimana, it certainly cannot be separated from the natural beauty of the sea and its weapons. No wonder, if the beauty of the twilight in Kaimana is immortalized in an old song titled “Twilight at Kaimana” sung by Alfian. Indeed the beauty of nature in West Papua, especially in Kaimana is […]

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Mumification, the way the Asmat Tribe Respect the Customary Chief's Body – The process of preserving bodies through the process of mummification is not only in Egypt, but also in Indonesia, precisely in Wamena, Papua. The mummification process is the way the Dani people occupy the Baliem Valley, Wamena, to honor the bodies of their chiefs. The embalming process is done by rubbing the body […]

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Patimburak Mosque, the Oldest Mosque in Papua – The history of Islam in Indonesia is very much, Islam entered Indonesia during the Caliphate and spread throughout the archipelago. Islam entered the archipelago peacefully without hostility so that it can be seen from its history of very rapid development. one example of Islamic civilization in terms of architecture or buildings that are […]

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Get to know the Honai home of the Dani Papuan tribe

Have you ever seen a unique home image whose roof is almost similar to  half coconut shell? Well, this unique house is in the easternmost part of Indonesia, precisely in Papua. seeing its unique and funny shape, this house building in Papua is round and circular, the roof is made of straw, and the door […]

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Batu Pensil, Raja Ampat Kabui Bay

Hello friends, have you ever vacation to Raja Ampat, this time I will invite all of you to see the east side of Indonesia which is no stranger to the truth. a very beautiful place to vacation and is still very beautiful because access to there has to be used by sea transportation and takes […]

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