Lampung is a province on the southern tip of the Indonesian island of Sumatra with several nature preserves that offer hiking, bird-watching and wildlife viewing. The mountainous, rainforested Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park is home to endangered species such as elephants and Sumatran tigers. The capital city, Bandar Lampung, is a backpacking hub and a jumping-off point to the swamps of Way Kambas National Park.

Gawi Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tradition Tribe

Lampung traditional Gawi – Each region has a tradition, and each tradition must leave its own story. Celebration ceremonies are usually outlined in various forms including in Lampung. Lampung Traditional Ceremony to celebrate the rituals of life, both celebrating birth, before marriage or other moments in life. One of the goals of this traditional ceremony is as […]

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Tapis Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tribe Art

Tapis cloth, typical of Lampung – If in Java, we know Batik, in Sumatra we know Ulos while in Flores we know weaving, then in Lampung we will get to know Tapis Fabric. Tapis fabric is now a mainstay souvenir from Lampung. Formerly, the women’s clothing of the Lampung tribe. This Tapis fabric is made of woven cotton thread […]

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Sulaman Usus.
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tradition Art

Traditional intestine embroidery Lampung – Lampung, besides being famous for its Way Kambas national park, it feels a pity if you don’t hunt for the handicrafts typical of this city. One of the popular handicrafts in Lampung is Intestine Embroidery. Intestinal embroidery takes a long time to work on. Usually done by mothers and young women. The result […]

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Lampung Saibatin
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tradition Tribe Art

Indigenous People of Lampung Saibatin – The Saibatin tribe inhabit the coastal area of ​​Lampung which stretches from east, south, to west. Saibatin tribal distribution areas include East Lampung, South Lampung, Bandar Lampung, Pesawaran, Tanggamus, and West Lampung. Like the Pepadun, the Saibatin or Peminggir follow a patrilineal kinship system or follow the father’s lineage. Even so, the Saibatin […]

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Sessat House
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Architecture Art

Distinctive Sessat House Lampung – When visiting Lampung, it is very easy to find traditional houses that stand on either side of the road. Traditional houses on stilts are usually made of wood and have large poles. This is sessat, the provincial traditional house that is identical to elephants. It’s just that, as time goes by, many houses […]

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Gamolan Pekhing
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Art

Gamolan Pekhing, Gamelan Bambu from West Lampung – Indigenous peoples in various regions in Indonesia have bamboo musical instruments in their cultural treasures. Bamboo is believed to produce sounds that provide magical power in the music produced. This magical power is believed to give a different nuance in a ritual in the community. No exception Liwa, West Lampung, which has the […]

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Duta Wisata Beach
helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Nature Beach

Duta Wisata Beach, At the Side of Bandar Lampung City – If you are in Bandar Lampung, you don’t have to look far for tourist attractions to just feel the evening beach air or enjoy water recreation with your family. There is a beach attraction called Pantai Duta Wisata which is worth visiting. This beach is located on Jln. Admiral R.E. Martadinata – only […]

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Ketinting Kiluan
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Architecture Art

Ketinting Kiluan, Tough Boat Ocean Seafaring – In addition to seeing dolphins firsthand, there is another attraction that has the coast of Kiluan Bay, ketinting boat. The boat made by Kiluan Negeri’s Pekon (village) community turned out to be one of the regional superior products. The making of this traditional boat becomes a side business for local residents. Besides being […]

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Coastal Mount Rajabasa
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Exploring the Exoticism of the Coastal Mount Rajabasa – Mount Rajabasa is on the south side of South Lampung Regency. Its position is right between Kalianda which is the capital of the regency and Bakauheni Port. These two points are connected by the Trans-Sumatra Highway (Jalinsum). Which surrounds the north side of the mountain with a height of 1,281 meters above sea […]

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Melinting Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung News Sumatra Tradition Travel Tribe

Traditions of Lampung Traditional Marriage “Melinting” – Broadly speaking, the indigenous people of Lampung are divided into two major adat groups, namely Pepadun and Saibatin (Peminggir). However, besides these two large groups, there are other traditional groups that have traditional trinkets and traditional rituals that are different from the two. One of them is Lampung Melinting people who live in […]

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