Sulaman Usus. – Lampung, besides being famous for its Way Kambas national park, it feels a pity if you don’t hunt for the handicrafts typical of this city. One of the popular handicrafts in Lampung is Intestine Embroidery.

Intestinal embroidery takes a long time to work on. Usually done by mothers and young women. The result is women’s clothing, men’s shirts, wall hangings and tissue boxes. Usually consumed by the upper class economic community because the price is expensive.

At present, intestinal embroidery is marketed both domestically and internationally. Currently, fewer and fewer intestine embroidery crafts are involved, because it is complicated and requires great patience to do it.

The Lampung government is trying to patent the Lampung Intestine Embroidery Craft as one of Lampung’s mainstay crafts.

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