Didi Kempot

Senior Artist “Didi Kempot” passed away

Helloindonesia.id -Campursari singer Didi Kempot died in Solo on Tuesday (5/5/2020). Didi Kempot is known to have died at 7:30 in the morning. This was conveyed by Lili, a close relative of Didi Kempot in an interview on Kompas TV. “Last night the hospital gave love to mothers in Solo,” Lili said in an interview on KompasTV as quoted by Kompas.com on Tuesday.

Didi Kempot
Didi Kempot

Lili said, Didi Kempot is currently still in the mortuary. Didi Kempot’s departure was very surprising. According to Lili. IN Kempot still doing activities as usual before.

Dionisius Prasetyo or better known by the stage name Didi Kempot, is a mixed singer from Solo, Central Java. He was previously often dubbed by his fans by the name of Mr. Loro Ati Nasional, Mr. Patah Hati Indonesia, Lord Didi, and most recently touted as the Godfather of Brokenheart.

Didi Kempot is the son of a famous comedian, the late Ranto Edi Gude or better known as Mbah Ranto. He is also the younger brother of one of the senior comedians in Srimulat, the late Mamik Pondang. Who would have thought, behind his current fame, the singer of the song “Station Race” which was released in 1999 was once a busker.

He began his steps in the music world as a street musician from 1984 to 1989. Since then, Didi has composed several songs until finally he is determined to move to Jakarta and hopes the song will be glimpsed by the producer.

The songs by Didi Kempot mostly revolve around sadness, love, and also heartbreak. This makes the people who listen to the song also cut their hearts. In 2019, Didi’s song titled “Showing off Bojo” which has been released since 2016 has skyrocketed again in the Indonesian music scene.

Fans of mixed music by Didi Kempot who are often called Sobat Ambyar are now increasingly spreading. Not only consists of adults, but young people are now also fans of the songs of this man born December 31, 1966.

This article has been aired on Kompas.com with the title “Didi Kempot Died”


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