Tapis Lampung

Helloindonesia.id – If in Java, we know Batik, in Sumatra we know Ulos while in Flores we know weaving, then in Lampung we will get to know Tapis Fabric. Tapis fabric is now a mainstay souvenir from Lampung. Formerly, the women’s clothing of the Lampung tribe.

Tapis Lampung
Tapis Lampung

This Tapis fabric is made of woven cotton thread with motifs or decoration of sudi material, silver thread or gold thread with embroidery system. The material used is sanwos or woven fabric, cotton yarn and gold or silver thread, forming.

Uses of Tapis Fabric

Tapis cloth is usually used on the waist down shaped sarong made of cotton yarn with motifs such as natural motifs, flora and fauna embroidered with gold thread and shaped silver. In its development, it turns out that not all Lampung tribes use Tapis as a means of living equipment.

In the North Lampung area this Tapis is worn by the bride in a traditional wedding ceremony. And also commonly used by bridesmaids. Tapis fabric craft is made using non-machine looms with a variety of decorations.

History of Tapis Fabric

Making Tapis has been known for hundreds of years ago and how it is made has been passed down from generation to generation. For a fabric including fabric that is quite heavy because a lot of interwoven thread that passes on the fabric. The denser the pattern making, the more expensive the price. Tapis cloth in Dekranasda on average starts from Rp. 1,000,000

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