Dayak Weapon
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Tribe West Kalimantan Art

Duhung Traditional Dayak Weapon – During this time, maybe the public is more familiar with the saber and machete as traditional weapons owned by the Dayak tribe. In fact, the tribe that inhabits the coast of Kalimantan has one more traditional weapon, the duhung. That said, this traditional weapon is believed to be the oldest weapon of the […]

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Kanayat'n Dayak
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Tribe West Kalimantan Architecture Art

Betang House, Kanayat'n Dayak Culture and Tradition Center – Dayak tribe has its own architecture in making homes. The concept of a traditional Dayak house is usually very close to culture and nature. Like the Dayak Kanayat’n tribe, for example, which has houses with elongated architecture with elongated shapes with high columns. The traditional house has several names, among others, betang house, […]

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Opu Daeng Menambon
Culture helloindonesia Heroes History History Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Nusantara Tribe West Kalimantan

Commemoration on the Tomb of Opu Daeng Menambon – Heading to the Tomb of Opu Daeng Menambon is not easy. Its location on the hill requires that visitors must walk with the incline and through the stairs, amounting to about 256 pieces. This is the tomb of the first king of Mempawah Kingdom who has the title Pangeran Mas Surya Negara. The […]

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Gawi Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tradition Tribe

Lampung traditional Gawi – Each region has a tradition, and each tradition must leave its own story. Celebration ceremonies are usually outlined in various forms including in Lampung. Lampung Traditional Ceremony to celebrate the rituals of life, both celebrating birth, before marriage or other moments in life. One of the goals of this traditional ceremony is as […]

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Tapis Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tribe Art

Tapis cloth, typical of Lampung – If in Java, we know Batik, in Sumatra we know Ulos while in Flores we know weaving, then in Lampung we will get to know Tapis Fabric. Tapis fabric is now a mainstay souvenir from Lampung. Formerly, the women’s clothing of the Lampung tribe. This Tapis fabric is made of woven cotton thread […]

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Melinting Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung News Sumatra Tradition Travel Tribe

Traditions of Lampung Traditional Marriage “Melinting” – Broadly speaking, the indigenous people of Lampung are divided into two major adat groups, namely Pepadun and Saibatin (Peminggir). However, besides these two large groups, there are other traditional groups that have traditional trinkets and traditional rituals that are different from the two. One of them is Lampung Melinting people who live in […]

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Tupping Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Art

Tupping, Message of Patriotism Compounded in Mask Art – In Lampung, there is a tradition of mask art. Tupping his name. This mask art developed from Kalianda area, South Lampung. Tupping is a wooden mask with various facial expressions and characters of different characters. The characters that are displayed in tupping include the characters of magic knights, wise elders, rude knights, authoritative […]

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Tapi Fabric Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tradition Art

Tapis Fabric, Lampung Traditional Textile Craft Heritage – Lampung traditional dress is synonymous with sparkling colors, especially the color of gold. This can be seen from a variety of accessories, including siger, canoe bracelets, bukhung bracelets, and ladders that greatly emphasize the touch of gold color. In addition to accessories, a touch of gold can also be found in Lampung traditional […]

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Berebut Lawang
Bangka Belitung Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Tradition Tribe

Fighting for Lawang, Believe in Belitung Marriage – If the Betawi community has a doorstop tradition. The Belitung people also have a tradition of fighting pantun which is usually called fighting over the lawang. Just like the doorstop, in this tradition the representative of the bridegroom must be brave to clash. With the bride in order to be given permission to […]

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Kubu Dance
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian News South Sumatra Sumatra Travel Traveling Tribe Dance

Kubu Dance, Adapted from Medical Ceremonies – Kubu tribe is a tribe that settled on the border between Jambi and South Sumatra. Its life is still semi-nomadic around the Bukit 12 National Park forest. That makes the Kubu community still has a homogeneous pattern of life. This can be seen from the livelihood patterns of the Kubu people who are […]

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