Kubu Dance

Helloindonesia.id – Kubu tribe is a tribe that settled on the border between Jambi and South Sumatra. Its life is still semi-nomadic around the Bukit 12 National Park forest. That makes the Kubu community still has a homogeneous pattern of life. This can be seen from the livelihood patterns of the Kubu people who are still focused on farming and hunting.

Kubu Dance
Kubu Dance

Nature and the Kubu tribe

The close proximity of the Kubu people to nature makes the tribes that live in the interior. Often use the forest for their daily needs. Such as for food and medicine. It is this closeness to nature that has influenced the mindset of the Kubu people. To continue to use the forest and continue to preserve it. For the Kubu people, destroying forests is the same as destroying lives.

One form of dependence on the Kubu tribe of nature can be seen from traditional healing ceremonies. Which are often done when someone is seriously ill. Kubu Tribe Society believes that the sick body is being possessed by an evil spirit. Therefore, they must hold a ceremony after the traditional medicinal herbs are given to ward off these evil spirits.

The history of the Kubu dance

This traditional medicine ceremony that later inspired the birth of a creative dance that is named Kubu dance. The Kubu dance is danced by five men and five women. Wearing clothes that are used by the Kubu people in their daily lives.

The Kubu dance movement rests on the movements of the hands and strokes of the feet. In the final section. It is described how a person who is stricken with a disease is raised together and prayed with spells. Which were previously given a medicinal herb derived from nature? The other dancers then form a circular formation with someone who is infected with a disease in the middle.

How the Kubu dance performed?

Kubu dance is accompanied by the strains of rampak music produced from a blend of traditional musical instruments. In the form of drums, percussion, and kecrek. The sound of the accompaniment from the accompaniment of music adapted to the jerking of the dancers‘ feet. The lighting also influences the atmosphere, so that the audience dissolves into the story that is being built through dance.

In general, Kubu dance tries to revive the idea that humans will not be separated and always depend on nature. And will be the pillars of human life. The faction dance mandates humanity to continue to preserve nature by utilizing it. And to be responsible by preserving and preserving it for the lives of future generations.

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