Puteri Telunjuk Sakti Dance

Helloindonesia.id – Five dancers left the stage wearing traditional South Sumatra clothing dominated by gold. The head part is decorated with siger which is equipped with a crochet jasmine wrap. While the underside of the dancer is clad in a black basic songket cloth with floral motifs. Dancers‘ left and right hips are equipped with a scarf and there is a keris. They will be dancing a creative dance entitled Missing Forefinger Princess Dance.

The princess of the forefinger finger dance is a creation. That was adopted from the folklore of the Ogan Kemering Ilir community, South Sumatra. This dance tells about the might of a princess, who has strength in her index finger. It is said that if the princess points her finger up, the lightning will blare.

History of this dance

This creative dance is generally danced by five people who are all women. But it does not rule out the dance being danced by more dancers, adjusted by the size of the stage. It’s just that the numbers have to be odd. Considering that one person has to play the role of the princess.

Puteri Telunjuk Sakti Dance
Puteri Telunjuk Sakti Dance

The movement of the princess of the forefinger index finger is dominated by hand movements. Which symbolize women having power, namely in their actions. In the beginning the four dancers will form a cross-legged sitting formation. And the princess will continue to dance by ascending a higher place. At the end, all dancers will issue a dagger and hold it up to the sky. That’s as a symbol of the true strength of women.

From the arable music, the princess of the forefinger index finger is accompanied by a combination of traditional musical instruments. Including in the form of drums, gongs, percussion, and other percussion instruments. Not forgetting to be given a touch of accordion as a characteristic of Malay Malay music. Various musical instruments are then combined with other modern musical instruments, such as guitar and bass.

The forefinger princess dance contains a deep meaning about the emancipation of women. When women become creatures that are always subordinated in the hegemony of masculine culture. Women actually have other strengths, that power comes from real work. This dance creation also represents the Ogan Kemering Ilir community who always respect women, like respecting their own mothers.

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