Seluang Mudik – Seluang fish or the Latin name Rasbora Argrytaenia is a type of freshwater fish. They live in swamps and many breed in Southeast Asian countries, one of which is in Indonesia. In Indonesia, fish which are often processed and used as side dishes are commonly found in South Sumatra swamp areas. Besides being able to be consumed, fish also have a unique habit. They always gathering and moving places in groups and together.

Seluang Mudik
Seluang Mudik

In the season of homecoming, the swimming fish will go hand in hand, gather, and scatter and then regroup. This unique phenomenon that occurs in the mudik fish. Is often found every year in swamps or lakes in South Sumatra. Even in the Banyuasin community developed a fairy tale that said, the fish seluang is the incarnation of a daughter. Who descended from heaven.

The unique habits of the seluang fish later inspired the birth of a dance creation called the mudik seluang dance. Seluang mudik dance is a dance of creation originating from Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra. Which tells about the behavior and movements of the shingle fish during the mudik during the mudik season.

How was it staged?

The mudik dance is performed by 6-8 women wearing golden clothes. The color was adapted from the shiny color of the fish that became the foothold of this creative dance. All dancers use a fan as a symbol of a fish that always has its tail moving.

The movements of the mudik dance are dominated by graceful hand movements but are still powerful. In certain parts, the dancers will make a formation gathered while still wagging fans. This movement illustrates the nature of the shawl fish when it enters the mudik season. While from the music, this dance is accompanied by music with fast tempo. Which is sourced from a combination of traditional percussion instruments, such as drums and percussion. Do not forget to include the strings of chords as a characteristic of Malay Malay music.

The mudik dance contains a deep mandate about the importance of brotherhood and togetherness. Solid life in brotherhood and togetherness has long existed in the Banyuasin community, South Sumatra.

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