Gending Sriwijaya – Nine women left the stage wearing traditional clothes. Complete with various accessories in the form of paksangkong, dodot, stairs, and the paramedics. A dancer who is in the middle and the foremost carries a box that is commonly called a pat. While the sound of accompaniment accompanies the graceful motion that will bring a colossal dance from South Sumatra known as the Gending Sriwijaya dance.

Gending Sriwijaya
Gending Sriwijaya

Sriwijaya Gending Dance is a colossal dance from the kingdom of Srivijaya. This dance which was only performed by internal royal circles was intended as a welcoming dance for royal guests. Now the Sriwijaya Gending dance is often performed by Palembang people in various events. Such as weddings, meetings of government agencies, to various cultural events.

How this dance is performed

In general, the Sriwijaya Gending dance is danced by 9 dancers who are all women. The nine dancers are representations of nine rivers in South Sumatra. The Sriwijaya Gending dancers were escorted by two men complete with umbrellas and spears in his hands. A gending dancer brings tepak containing betel vines. Which will be given to guests who are considered special as a form of respect.

The music that accompanies the Gending Sriwijaya dance is music that comes out of a blend of gamelan instruments. The music is accompanied by vocals that generally describe the joy and gratitude for welfare. However, lately Sriwijaya Gending dance is not only accompanied by direct music, but only uses recordings from existing music.

Sriwijaya Gending dance movement is dominated by bending and kneeling, occasionally throwing a smile while stopping the nails. The gesture is a form of respect for the guests who come. The core movement in the Gending Sriwijaya dance is the main dancer’s movement. That brings a tepak containing betel nut to be given to the guest of honor. In the past, the bearer of tepak containing betel was only allowed for those teenage daughters of the descendants of the King.

Sriwijaya Gending Dance is a representation of the ancestors of the archipelago. This dance is also a great nation, a nation that respects and respects the brotherhood of each other. This colossal dance illustrates the joy of the girls, portrays the Kingdom of Srivijaya as a gracious host. Who is sincere and openly welcomes guests, as the essence of mutual respect between human beings, and is grateful for the gift of God Almighty.

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