Gending Sriwijaya
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Sriwijaya Gending, Raja's Guest Welcoming Dance

Helloindonesia.id – Nine women left the stage wearing traditional clothes. Complete with various accessories in the form of paksangkong, dodot, stairs, and the paramedics. A dancer who is in the middle and the foremost carries a box that is commonly called a pat. While the sound of accompaniment accompanies the graceful motion that will bring […]

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Petake Gerinjing Dance
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Petake Gerinjing Dance, Dance of Natural Stories

Helloindonesia.id – Young people came out of the stage, they were wearing clothes in bright colors. Even though it looks contemporary, the costume still adopts traditional values. Bearing in mind the lower part of the clothes worn by dancers using Pagaralam-style batik cloth. They will dance a creation dance called petake gerinjing dance. According to […]

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