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Democracy According to Soekarno – In the view of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, Indonesian democracy is a democracy born of the will to fight for independence, that means Indonesian democracy according to Soekarno put its embryo on resistance to imperialism and colonialism, it was written by Soekarno in his book, Indonesia Sues and […]

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Habibie Ainun
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The monument to the true love of Habibie-Ainun, in Pare-pare

For the Indonesian people, of course, they already know the figure of Mr. Baharuddin Jusuf Habibie, the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia. His love story with his late wife, Ainun Habibie’s mother who was told through a big screen a few years ago was able to make anyone touched and touched to see […]

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Batu Pensil, Raja Ampat Kabui Bay

Hello friends, have you ever vacation to Raja Ampat, this time I will invite all of you to see the east side of Indonesia which is no stranger to the truth. a very beautiful place to vacation and is still very beautiful because access to there has to be used by sea transportation and takes […]

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Pancasila Sanctity Day

The Day of Pancasila was celebrated on October 1 and was initiated by General Soeharto. The history of the establishment was inseparable from the G30S / PKI rebellion. The day of the Pancasila magic is the anniversary of the turning point of the re-actualization of Pancasila as the basis of the nation’s ideology. (Source: Wikipedia) […]

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Indonesian Under-16 National Team, AFF Cup Champion, Indonesia’s Most Beautiful Gift of Independence

The Indonesian national team scored a new history in the Indonesian football world as well as providing the most beautiful gift in the independence anniversary in 2018. Indonesian national team recorded history by winning the U-16 AFF Cup for the first time. Fakhri Husaini’s foster children won the 2018 edition after defeating Thailand 4-3 (1-1) […]

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Sudirman general, Indonesian freedom fighter

Great General Raden Soedirman (EYD: Sudirman; born January 24, 1916 – died January 29, 1950 at the age of 34 years [a]) was a high-ranking Indonesian officer during the Indonesian National Revolution. Being the commander of the first Indonesian National Army, he is widely respected in Indonesia. Born from a common people’s couple in Purbalingga, […]

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Traditional Ceremony Nyongkolan In Lombok

Hello friends, this time we want to continue to share again explore about indigenous culture istiadiat in our beloved country. this time we will continue from the post before it. this time still from the archipelago lombok there is one more unit ceremony in lakuakn by society there, one of them is nyongkolan, what is […]

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7 Unique Traditions of Ramadan

The majority of people in Indonesia are Muslim, various events or traditions welcomed Ramadan is widely held in various regions. well this time I want to share some of the traditions performed by the people of Indonesia in welcoming or undergoing ramadahan month. We take this tradition from various regions in Indonesia, of course there […]

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indonesian Youth: Do 8 It As A Proof of Nationalism

Talking about the natural wealth of Indonesia of course you should be proud, the beauty and natural wealth ranging from sea, beach, mountain, to forest all owned by Indonesia. What does Indonesia not have? Snow? Indonesia has the highest mountain located in Papua, where on the mountain there is snow and you need to know […]

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