Indonesian Under-16 National Team, AFF Cup Champion, Indonesia’s Most Beautiful Gift of Independence

AFF U-16 Champions 2018
AFF U-16 Champions 2018

The Indonesian national team scored a new history in the Indonesian football world as well as providing the most beautiful gift in the independence anniversary in 2018.

Indonesian national team recorded history by winning the U-16 AFF Cup for the first time. Fakhri Husaini’s foster children won the 2018 edition after defeating Thailand 4-3 (1-1) on penalties at the Sidoarjo Delta Stadium, Saturday (08/08/2018).

Substitute Fajar Fathur led the Indonesian national team to lead in the 33rd minute. While Thailand equalized through Apidet Janngam (’72). On penalties, goalkeeper Ernando Ari later became a hero by stopping the execution of Apidet Janngam and Pongsakorn Innet. While four Indonesian executioners, namely Sutan Zico, Bagus Kahfi, Rendy Juliansyah, and David Maulana were able fulfill the task. The best achievement of the Indonesian National Team in the AFF Cup U-16 before was to reach the 2013 tournament finals. While Thailand still had the most title collectors with Thailand with three titles (2007, 2011, 2015).

Indonesia’s most beautiful gift of independence

after quite a long time the Indonesian people were not treated with the national team struggle to get the final jaura title on Saturday 11 August 2018 approaching the independence celebration of the Indonesian national team U-16 gave the most beautiful gift to all Indonesian people the AFF Cup championship that Indonesia itself hosts. after the U-19 national team yesterday won 3rd place but the end was paid for by the yearning for the community.

I hope the series of victories in this championship can be maintained until they become senior. today all the people of Indonesia are proud, it is very pleasing to our younger brother who is struggling even though there are those who are saddened by the injury that they are still excited.

First Round

Both teams took a minute’s silence for the earthquake victims in Lombok. As soon as this Indosiar live and exclusive match was started, Indonesia and Thailand both tried to take the initiative to attack. However, the host successfully opened the first shot through Mochamad Supriadi in the fourth minute.

Although still right in the arms of goalkeeper Anuchid Taweesri, the shot grew the spirit of the national team to keep pressing. The focus of the attack is on the right side of the opponent’s defense.

The first golden opportunity came for Bagus Kahfi in the 14th minute. Receiving feedback from Andre Oktaviansyah, Bagus Kahfi deceived the opposing player before releasing a left-footed kick. Unfortunately the business still hit the post.

Coach Fakhri Husaini then made a decision when the match had not reached midway through the first half. He pulled Amanar Abdillah and replaced him with Fajar Fathur.

The decision proved to be correct. Fajar Fathur led the national team to lead through long-distance pass bait Andre Oktaviansyah.

However, Thailand almost equalized because of the inability of the national team to throw the ball from dangerous areas. The visitors threatened again with a long-range shot from Thanarin Thumsen that still soared.

Second Round

The situation changed slightly at the start of the second half. Thailand took the attack initiative to equalize. But, the national team is able to reduce and not allow Thailand to create meaningful opportunities.

Instead, Indonesia threatened to rely on Mochammad Supriadi’s speed. The action had produced a cross which failed to be anticipated by perfect Thai goalkeeper Anuchid Taweesri.

Not long ago, Bagus Kahfi’s hard kick was deviated on the left side of the Thai goal. Mochammad Supriyadi’s efforts and Bagas Kaffa’s penetration did not work.

In a comfortable situation, the national team was cheated in the 72nd minute. Fadillah Nur Rahman’s delay is up, making it easier for Apidet Janngam to tear the host’s goal.

Fakhri Husaini reacted by including Sutan Zico as a substitute for Fajar Fathur. Mochammad Supriyadi then got a chance even though his shot was right in the Thailand goal.

Rendy Juliansyah and Komang Putra then got a chance to take a corner. But nothing became a goal. With the score unchanged, penalty shootouts must be held to determine the winner.

In this round, Ernando Ari became a star after defeating two Thai kicks.


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