Deasy panjaitan
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New Music Release – Gara Gara Jogja | Deasy Panjaitan – This local jogja musician from Magelang released his debut single titled – Gara Gara Jogja. The song, which was written by Dwi Winarno, was produced and produced by Dwi Winarno himself as the songwriter. in the production process also collaborated with one of the Lovin project youtube channels to produce this music. Briefly, […]

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Eiger Adventure

Eiger Adventure Releases Album ‘Music for Adventure’ – Eiger Adventure, which is well-known as a brand provider of outdoor activity equipment specifically for tropical climates, recently made an innovation, guys. Eiger has just launched a compilation album in the form of a box set entitled ‘Music for Adventure’! ‘Music for Adventure’ is a collaboration moment between Eiger and six well-known Indonesian […]

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National Statistic Day
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National Statistics Day , September 26 – Do you remember, if today is the important day of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS)? Exactly on September 26, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) has designated it as National Statistics Day. The stipulation of National Statistics Day did not just happen. Determination of Statistics Day, starting from the proposal […]

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History History Indonesian News

National farmer’s day 24 september – Have you ever thought about where the sources of food that you consume everyday come from? The food provided by your mother at the dinner table, the food you usually order via online motorcycle taxis, the food that you two girlfriends eat, or the healthy juices you drink every day? Farmer! Yes, Farmer. […]

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Beauty of Batu Hapu Cave,
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Exploring the Beauty of Batu Hapu Cave, Binuang, South Kalimantan – Not only the charm of the beauty of the river flow, it turns out that South Kalimantan also has other natural charms in the form of a natural cave located in Batu Hapu Village, Hatungun District, Tapin, South Kalimantan. Decorated by stalactites and stalagmites inside, the beauty of Batu Hapu Cave attracts tourists […]

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South Kalimantan Floating Market
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South Kalimantan Floating Market – South KALIMANTAN is blessed with beautiful rivers that connect one region to another. The existence of these rivers affects the activities of its inhabitants. One of them with the emergence of many traditional markets on the river known as the floating market. In South Kalimantan, there are still two floating markets that have […]

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Langara Hill, The Perfect Blend Of River And Hills
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Langara Hill, The Perfect Blend Of River And Hills – Besides being famous for its unique tourist attraction, namely Bamboo Rafting, it also has other beauty charms that are no less unique and interesting to visit. The beauty of the Amandit River which is located in Loksado District, South Hulu Sungai Regency, South Kalimantan, besides being able to be enjoyed by rafting attractions […]

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Indonesia Travel Covid
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Impact of Covid-19 on Indonesian tourism – The impact of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak for the tourism industry, especially Indonesia, is certainly very influential. A number of tourist arrivals from China have occurred since the outbreak of the virus was announced. The empty seats of the aircraft, as well as hotels, cruise operators, and other business potentials, become loose. […]

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Didi Kempot
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Senior Artist “Didi Kempot” passed away -Campursari singer Didi Kempot died in Solo on Tuesday (5/5/2020). Didi Kempot is known to have died at 7:30 in the morning. This was conveyed by Lili, a close relative of Didi Kempot in an interview on Kompas TV. “Last night the hospital gave love to mothers in Solo,” Lili said in an interview […]

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Lengkuas Island's
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Lengkuas Island's Underwater Beauty – Of the islands around the Tanjung Kelayang Coast region, perhaps Lengkuas Island is the prima donna. Besides being a destination for snorkeling, on this island, there is also a lighthouse which is a special attraction for tourists visiting Belitung. This 8-story lighthouse stands firmly in the middle of Lengkuas Island. Many tourists are […]

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