Eiger Adventure

Eiger Adventure Releases Album ‘Music for Adventure’

Helloindonesia.id – Eiger Adventure, which is well-known as a brand provider of outdoor activity equipment specifically for tropical climates, recently made an innovation, guys. Eiger has just launched a compilation album in the form of a box set entitled ‘Music for Adventure’!

Eiger Adventure
Eiger Adventure

‘Music for Adventure’ is a collaboration moment between Eiger and six well-known Indonesian musicians, guys. They were Iwan Fals, Fiersa Besari, Endank Soekamti, Alffy Rev, Navicula, Fourtwnty, plus five local musicians who were winners of the Music for Adventure audition.

Musician Erix Soekamti, who was appointed as the producer of this album, explained that the recording process for this album was not only done in the studio, you know, the recording process was also done outside the room. This album carries the concept of nature and then back to nature.

Mr. Riadi Suwarno, General Manager of Marketing for Eiger Adventure, said that the purpose of making this album is a form of concern for nature and the environment as well as the habitat of Orangutans. To realize its goals, Eiger collaborates with the seedbaik.com foundation, guys. Later, the profits from the sale of this limited 400 album will be channeled to orangutan conservation through the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF).

source : folkative

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