National Statistic Day

National Statistics Day , September 26 – Do you remember, if today is the important day of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS)? Exactly on September 26, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) has designated it as National Statistics Day.

The stipulation of National Statistics Day did not just happen. Determination of Statistics Day, starting from the proposal of the United Nations (UN) regarding each country so that its members carry out population censuses simultaneously.

Summarized from Instagram @bpskotasurabaya, the Government of Indonesia accepted the proposal from the United Nations, and on September 26, 1960, the Government of Indonesia inaugurated Law Number 6 of 1960.

The law relates to the Census as a substitute for the 1930 Volkstelling Ordonanties. Then, to fulfill the need for the preparation of the Planned Universe Development plan, on September 26, 1960, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia ratified Law Number 7 of 1960 concerning the Statistiek Ordonantie 1934.

Matters related to the law, namely regulating statistics organizers and BPS organization in detail. In August 1996, when Suharto was still serving as President of the Republic of Indonesia, then set the date of the promulgation of Law Number 7 of 1960 relating to Statistics as ‘National Statistics Day’.

BPS Anniversary

Based on this background, the birth of a law related to BPS became the starting point for BPS’ journey in fulfilling independence in the field of statistics which had been regulated based on the colonial legal system.

Then, as an initial step for BPS to enliven its anniversary on September 26, 2019, it held a ‘journey’. After the event, the Head of the Surabaya City BPS Suparno said the internalization of the 2020 Population Census.

“From the six population censuses, three population censuses, namely 1990, 2000, 2010, we have contributed. We are ready for the 2020 Population Census,” said Suparno, Head of the Surabaya City BPS.

The Surabaya Central Statistics Agency (BPS) shows that the population of Surabaya City in 2018 reached 3,094,732. This figure continues to increase from previous years.

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