Beauty of Batu Hapu Cave,

Exploring the Beauty of Batu Hapu Cave, Binuang, South Kalimantan – Not only the charm of the beauty of the river flow, it turns out that South Kalimantan also has other natural charms in the form of a natural cave located in Batu Hapu Village, Hatungun District, Tapin, South Kalimantan. Decorated by stalactites and stalagmites inside, the beauty of Batu Hapu Cave attracts tourists to come and prove its beauty for themselves.

But behind its beauty, the origin of the Batu Hapu Cave is still a mystery and a myth for the local community. It is said that the Batu Hapu Cave was formed from a broken ship belonging to a child who was disobedient to his mother named Angui. He was cursed by his biological mother, Nini Kudampai, a poor widow. Almost the same as the legend of Malin Kundang, Angui who successfully went abroad and succeeded in marrying a princess named Keling was reluctant to admit his biological mother when he returned to his hometown. The mother was finally angry and then cursed her son into a stone which is now Batu Hapu Cave.

Apart from the mythical story, the beauty of Batu Hapu Cave is still interesting to explore every inch of its beauty. Being in the middle of the mountains makes the atmosphere around the cave feel cool and beautiful. Visitors should bring a flashlight or headlamp to explore this cave. Before going inside, at the mouth of the cave, which is quite large, there is already a concrete staircase that is connected to make it easier for visitors to enter the cave. The first impression that visitors feel when entering this cave may be a little scary because it is dark, but when the sun starts to shine in the darkness of this cave, then visitors are amazed by the decoration of stalagmites and stalactites in the cave. It’s a good idea for visitors to use supportive footwear because the soil conditions in the cave tend to be moist and a little slippery. For this reason, visitors must be extra careful when exploring every corner of this cave. However, there is one thing that reduces the beauty of this cave, namely the number of vandalism on some rocks and other facilities around the location.

Access to Tourist Locations

Located near Binuang Market, precisely in Batu Hapu Village, Hatungun District, Tapin Regency, South Kalimantan, the location is 43 km from Rantau City and 154 km from Banjarmasin City. From Binuang Market, direct your vehicle inside for approximately 16 km. With quite good road conditions, views of rural life and the natural atmosphere of the mountains before entering the location area will accompany you throughout the trip. Arriving at the tourist location, visitors can immediately park their vehicle in the available parking lot near the guard post. From the parking lot, visitors still have to walk up dozens of stairs to get to the main location of the cave in the middle of the hill.


There are several rows of lopos that can be used by visitors to relax and also toilets around the location. However, these facilities appear to be poorly maintained and maintained. There are no kiosks or food stalls around the location, visitors should buy or bring food and drinks first. [Anggey/IndonesianKaya]

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