Amandit River

Sailing the Amandit River With Bamboo Rafting Typical Loksado – If you like water sports, especially rafting, Loksado is one place on your must-visit adventure list. Loksado is a sub-district in the South Hulu Sungai Regency, South Kalimantan. Loksado’s geographical location in the Meratus Mountains makes Loksado has many waterfall tourist destinations.

The journey to Loksado, indeed requires a struggle. It takes a land trip with a travel time of about 4 hours from Banjarmasin. You can use private vehicles or public transportation. If using public transportation, just choose transportation to Kandangan, the capital of Hulu Sungai Selatan district. The cost of public transportation is around 35 thousand rupiah with a travel time of about 3 hours. Furthermore, from Kandangan to Loksado can be taken about 1 hour. The road conditions are quite steep, but it is very smooth.

The rafting done in Loksado is quite unique, because it does not use a rubber boat as usual. This water sport is more challenging because it only uses bamboo rafts, this rafting is better known as Balanting Paring or Bamboo rafting, where each ba raft only contains a maximum of 3 passengers, with an experienced guide. This rafting is usually done on the Amandit river. The time taken by a bamboo rafting can reach 2-3 hours.

Not only to test the adrenaline, when bamboo rafting you will find extraordinary natural scenery. In addition, in the middle of the trip, you will see the activities of the Meratus Dayak tribe. Bamboo rafting will end in a village called Tanuhi. Although not in a volcanic area, Tanuhi Village has natural hot springs that come from natural gas. If you feel very tired after enjoying a bamboo rafting trip, try soaking in Tanuhi to relax tense muscles again.

If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Laksado, you should prepare 2 days to be there. For lodging options in Laksado, there are various prices according to the facilities. From the lowest, Camp AAL is 50 thousand rupiahs per night, Wisma Alya is 150 thousand rupiahs, Wisma Loksado is 250 thousand rupiahs and Meratus Resort is 300 thousand rupiahs per night.

The first day can be used to test adrenaline and the second day can be used fully to enjoy the beauty of nature and try out Malaris Village which has a Traditional Hall tour. One of the activities that can be done to fill this tour in Loksado is to see firsthand the process of community processing cinnamon from when it was still in the form of a tree and then processed into syrup. Or for those who want to practice creativity, try making typical Dayak souvenirs, such as bracelets made from plants typical of the Meratus forest which are woven directly into your hands or feet. But if you are lazy, just look at the women who are making bags from rattan.

For those who don’t like the challenges that bamboo rafting offers, try tubing. Tubing is a term for a way to go down a river while playing in the water using a car tire. More or less like little children playing in the pool, so much fun!

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