Telang Pelaihari Hill – No one thought before that South Kalimantan is decorated with hills that are no less beautiful than the hills on Sumba Island, NTT. Another beautiful hill that is being visited by tourists both from within and from outside the city, Bukit Telang is the name. Located in Martadah Village, Tambang Repeat District, Tanah Laut Regency, Pelaihari City, this hill offers the charm of beauty in the form of a panoramic view of the hills decorated with green grass around it.

This hill is starting to be visited by tourists from within Pelaihari City and outside the city since the last 2 years. Due to the emergence of various tourist photos with the background of this beautiful hill circulating on social media, this once deserted hill has become crowded with tourists who are curious to see the beauty of Telang Hill firsthand.

To reach the highest point of this hill, visitors must trekking for about 30-60 minutes (depending on the physical condition of visitors) through a trail that is quite uphill and exhausting. Along the hiking trail, views of the expanse of green grass will accompany the visitors. After approximately 30 minutes of climbing, visitors will arrive at the highest point of this hill. From up here, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the landscape around the hill.

Access to Tourist Locations

Located in Pelaihari City, the distance from Banjarmasin to Pelaihari is about 65 km. To reach this hill, visitors can start their journey from the city of Banjarmasin using a motorized vehicle or using a motorcycle taxi. The travel time is about 2.5 hours. Next, point your vehicle to Pelaihari City. Not far from the welcome gate in Pelaihari City, then you will pass a tourist spot called Mount Kayangan, then direct your vehicle to turn left towards the oil palm plantation area to go to the Bukit Lintang area. The condition of the road to the last hut in the hilly area is quite damaged with several points with holes and slippery ground, especially in the rainy season. Approximately 1 hour, you will arrive at a cottage at the foot of the hill. The owner is named Mr. Musa, who is also in charge of protecting the environment around the hilly area. Visitors can park their vehicles around the hilly area with a parking fee of around 5,000-10,000 rupiah.


Supporting facilities around the location do not seem too supportive for the visitors. There is only a small shop in Pak Musa’s lodge that sells various foods and soft drinks such as instant noodles, coffee and other snacks. Before climbing, visitors can buy mineral water at Pak Musa’s stall, so as not to get dehydrated when climbing later.

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