Lengkuas Island's

Helloindonesia.id – Of the islands around the Tanjung Kelayang Coast region, perhaps Lengkuas Island is the prima donna. Besides being a destination for snorkeling, on this island, there is also a lighthouse which is a special attraction for tourists visiting Belitung.

Lengkuas Island's
Lengkuas Island’s

This 8-story lighthouse stands firmly in the middle of Lengkuas Island. Many tourists are curious and want to see this building. By paying IDR 5,000, visitors can walk along with the lighthouse as high as about 52 meters.

By climbing stairs after stairs, visitors can reach the top of the lighthouse. From the lighthouse, visitors can see the beauty of Lengkuas Island and the surrounding islands. In addition, the breadth of the sea and the scenery under the lighthouse also become its own beauty when you are here.

Cool snorkeling on the Lengkuas island

In addition to the lighthouse, snorkeling on Lengkuas Island is also a must-try for those who like to explore the beauty of the underwater world. Beautiful fish with a variety of colors and beautiful coral reefs offer a view of the island.

Tired around Lengkuas Island, visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood that can be ordered around the island. Enjoying culinary while relaxing unwind at the edge of the island becomes a special pleasure while on this island.

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