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The Enchanting Magical Power of Mandau

Helloindonesia.id – According to Michael Coomans, in his book entitled Manusia Daya (1987), the Dayak people live in traditional traditional beliefs. For the Dayak people, mystical events become objects of belief. Therefore, mystical things become real and objective things. Mandau is a cultural object that is not separated from this magical assumption. More than just […]

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Kacapi Kalimantan
Central Kalimantan Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Art

Kacapi Kalimantan, a Typical 2-Stringed Instrument of Dayak Society

Helloindonesia.id – This lute musical instrument has a unique shape that is like a hornbill, a sacred animal for the Dayak community. This is the Central Kalimantan harp, a stringed instrument with two types of lut that is commonly used when playing when welcoming honorary guests. Central Kalimantan harps are made of light wood from […]

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Sambas Weaving
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Sambas Weaving Craftsmen in Sulur Medan, Sambas

Helloindonesia.id – About 300 years ago, the ancestors of the Sambas Sultanate had made sambas woven fabrics. It is said that this Sambas weaving has been made by women in the Sultanate of Sambas since Sultan Sulaiman founded this Sultanate in 1675. In the past, Sambas weaving was used as a complement to the implementation […]

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Kiluan Island
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Kiluan Island, The eternal legend of Raden Antawijaya

Helloindonesia.id – Kiluan Island is an island in the Kiluan Bay area. The island is located right in the middle of the bay’s mouth. So the waves that hit the coast along Kiluan Bay are relatively friendly. Like the township residents on the north side of the bay. The island provides accommodation for travelers who […]

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Lampung White Sand Beach
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End the Week at Lampung White Sand Beach

Helloindonesia.id – There is a beach that is very popular in the City of Elephants community. White Sand Beach. The beach is located quite strategically (on the edge of the Trans Sumatra route) has white sand complete with shady trees. The beach, located in Tarahan Village, South Lampung, is in the area owned by Korem […]

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Lampung Pepadun
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tribe

Lampung Pepadun Indigenous Peoples

Helloindonesia.id – The indigenous people of Lampung Pepadun are one of the two major indigenous groups in the Lampung community. This community inhabits rural areas or the highlands of Lampung. Based on the history of its development, the Pepadun community initially developed in the Abung, Way Kanan, and Way Seputih (Pubian) areas. This indigenous group […]

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Krakatau Festival
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Art

Krakatau Festival, Cultural Wealth and Tourism Lampung

Helloindonesia.id – Krakatau Festival is one of the leading cultural events of Lampung Province. The festival which is held regularly every year is a cultural parade. That elevates the cultural richness and traditions of Lampung. In addition, this event is also a place to promote tourism potential in every regency and city in Lampung. The […]

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Siger Tower
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Siger Tower, Symbol of Identity in Southeast Lampung

Helloindonesia.id – Not far from Bakauheni Harbor, a majestic building stands as the pride of the people of Lampung. This building stands towering 110 meters above sea level and is located directly facing the entrance gate of Bakauheni Port. This is the landmark of Lampung Province as well as the zero kilometer point south of […]

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Tapi Fabric Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tradition Art

Tapis Fabric, Lampung Traditional Textile Craft Heritage

Helloindonesia.id – Lampung traditional dress is synonymous with sparkling colors, especially the color of gold. This can be seen from a variety of accessories, including siger, canoe bracelets, bukhung bracelets, and ladders that greatly emphasize the touch of gold color. In addition to accessories, a touch of gold can also be found in Lampung traditional […]

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Gambus Music
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Art

Gambus, History of Middle Eastern Art in Sumatra

Helloindonesia.id – Lute is a traditional musical instrument commonly found in Malay society. This instrument is played by plucking like a harp or guitar. The body part of the gambus is shaped like a pumpkin that is halved with three to 12 strings. There are some strings in the form of single strings and some […]

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