Lampung White Sand Beach – There is a beach that is very popular in the City of Elephants community. White Sand Beach. The beach is located quite strategically (on the edge of the Trans Sumatra route) has white sand complete with shady trees.

Lampung White Sand Beach
Lampung White Sand Beach

The beach, located in Tarahan Village, South Lampung, is in the area owned by Korem 043 Garuda Hitam TNI Army. Not surprisingly, if we come here, we will see some parts of the beach which has a military striped nuance. Although located on military-owned land, this beach has the status of People’s Amusement Park. Therefore, access to this beach is open as a vehicle for recreation for the general public.

History of the White Sand Beach

As the name implies, the main attraction of this beach is the wide white sand. Rows of Waru trees planted along the coastline provide a peaceful atmosphere. Shady trees make this tourist destination feel comfortable as a family vacation destination on weekends.

Various fun activities we can do on this beach. From swimming on the beach to walking around the beach by canoe into activities that you can do here.

For you who are tired of all the activities and want to fill a hungry stomach, this place is also equipped with food stalls that offer a variety of foods that can arouse your appetite. Seafood dishes can be the right choice for you to taste while at the beach which is always crowded on this weekend.

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