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Amplang , Kalimantan fish crackers

Helloindonesia.id – Stop at Balikpapan or Samarinda, it’s incomplete if you don’t bring this one souvenir. Amplang name. The type of cracker with taste and distinctive fish aroma. This savory snack has become a souvenir that must be purchased for tourists visiting East Kalimantan. Amplang made of fish meat pounded with a mixture of sago […]

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Lampung White Sand Beach
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End the Week at Lampung White Sand Beach

Helloindonesia.id – There is a beach that is very popular in the City of Elephants community. White Sand Beach. The beach is located quite strategically (on the edge of the Trans Sumatra route) has white sand complete with shady trees. The beach, located in Tarahan Village, South Lampung, is in the area owned by Korem […]

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Tapi Fabric Lampung
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Tapis Fabric, Lampung Traditional Textile Craft Heritage

Helloindonesia.id – Lampung traditional dress is synonymous with sparkling colors, especially the color of gold. This can be seen from a variety of accessories, including siger, canoe bracelets, bukhung bracelets, and ladders that greatly emphasize the touch of gold color. In addition to accessories, a touch of gold can also be found in Lampung traditional […]

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