Amplang – Stop at Balikpapan or Samarinda, it’s incomplete if you don’t bring this one souvenir. Amplang name. The type of cracker with taste and distinctive fish aroma. This savory snack has become a souvenir that must be purchased for tourists visiting East Kalimantan.


Amplang made of fish meat pounded with a mixture of sago flour. Fish commonly used are Mackerel, Cork (HARUAN), or Belida (FLAT FISH). Each type of fish has its own distinctiveness. The type of fish that is considered the best is a belida fish because of the delicious savory taste and soft meat texture when mashed.

The process of making crackers is relatively simple, but the touch of each maker creates its own distinctiveness for each producer. The first step, the fish that has been cleaned from the scales and thorns is ground until smooth. Smooth milling is given salt, spices, and water until mixed. Then, add sago flour and knead until smooth. The mixture is then boiled or steamed for about an hour, then dried in the sun to produce a good ampar when fried.

The next step is to cut and fry Amplang. The mixture, which is still in the form of a large lump, thinly sliced, then cut length or become a cube with a thickness of about 0.5-1 centimeters. These pieces are fried in hot oil until yellow and brownish yellow. After drying, Amplang can be stored in a closed container to remain crispy and durable.

Over time, each manufacturer has its own way to innovate with their Ampular products. Some of them pack amplang in aluminum foil plastic which makes it look more elegant. There are also those who add artificial flavors like barbecues, chickens onion, black pepper, and other flavors. Whatever innovation, this cracker deserves to be a favorite gift for friends and relatives at home. [Ardee / indonesiakaya]

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