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Amplang , Kalimantan fish crackers – Stop at Balikpapan or Samarinda, it’s incomplete if you don’t bring this one souvenir. Amplang name. The type of cracker with taste and distinctive fish aroma. This savory snack has become a souvenir that must be purchased for tourists visiting East Kalimantan. Amplang made of fish meat pounded with a mixture of sago […]

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7 Typical Foods During Ramadan

hello our friends come again, this time we will discuss 7 food during ramadan month, which is of course typical food of indonesia yes, food usually appear saal month ramadahan aja, even though in regular month also sometimes emerge even though rarely hehehe, yah ramadhan month is the most waiting month waiting by the Muslims. […]

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The Tradition of Eating Soil In Tuban

Surely many who think that the land is just a building material, so tile, so a brick, so wall hahaha. but not for this one, in one dearah in indonesia its right in Tuban Regency, East Java, there is snack made from clay, it has become tradition from generation to generation. This snack is known […]

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