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Menikmati Pesona Pulau Bohanga di Tumbak Minahasa Tenggara
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Enjoying the Enchantment of Bohanga Island in Tumbak Southeast Minahasa

Helloindonesia.id – The beauty of Indonesia is an attraction that is able to attract domestic and foreign tourists. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia presents a panoramic view of natural beauty. Such as the sea, forests, hills, mountains and other stunning natural attractions. Amazing geographical conditions, there are natural scenery that can be enjoyed. The small […]

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Lake Tondano, the largest in North Sulawesi
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Lake Tondano, the largest in North Sulawesi

Helloindonesia.id – This is the largest lake in North Sulawesi. This lake is in the Tondano area. Heading to this lake takes 50 minutes with a distance of 40 km from Manado City. Visitors will be invited to walk along the shores of the lake while enjoying the panoramic views of the mountains and hills […]

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Manado Porridge, Porridge with Assorted Vegetables
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Manado Porridge, Porridge with Assorted Vegetables

Helloindonesia.id – Almost all regions in Indonesia have their own special porridge. In Jakarta there is ase porridge, Cirebon has chicken porridge, in Aceh it is served with rumbi starch porridge, in Maluku there is sweet potato sago porridge, and in Kalimantan spicy porridge is served. Not to forget also in North Sulawesi. Here you […]

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2398 / 5000 Hasil terjemahan Delicious Tabaro Dange, Traditional Palu Food
Central Sulawesi Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sulawesi culinary

Delicious Tabaro Dange, Traditional Palu Food

Helloindonesia.id – Several regions in Indonesia make sago as one of the staple ingredients used for daily food needs, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia, sago is better known than rice which is very closely related to the staple food of the Indonesian people. Sago that can grow regardless of season, makes this staple […]

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The area of Labuana Beach includes two areas of adjoining villages, namely Lambogia Village in Balaesang District and Lende Tovea Village in Sirenja District. The stretch of white sand on the beach in the location of Balaesang Bay stretches for one kilometer and passes through the two villages.
Central Sulawesi helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sulawesi Nature Beach

Camping at Labuana Beach

Helloindonesia.id – In addition to the mountains, the beach is a location used for camping activities. Spending the night in a tent accompanied by the sound of nature produced by rolling waves that greet the shoreline and views of the clear sky studded with stars make camping on the beach an alternative activity that must […]

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Hari pos telekomuniskasi telegraf
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National Telegraph Postal Day, 27 September

Helloindonesia.id – The Day of the Republic of Indonesia Telecommunications Telecommunications Post is often referred to as PT Pos Indonesia. The flow of telephone and telegraph technology developments that entered Indonesia also changed the postal service system in Indonesia. In 1906, the post in Indonesia was finally changed to the Bureau of Post, Telegraph, and […]

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Culture East Kalimantan helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan culinary

Amplang , Kalimantan fish crackers

Helloindonesia.id – Stop at Balikpapan or Samarinda, it’s incomplete if you don’t bring this one souvenir. Amplang name. The type of cracker with taste and distinctive fish aroma. This savory snack has become a souvenir that must be purchased for tourists visiting East Kalimantan. Amplang made of fish meat pounded with a mixture of sago […]

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Festival Erau Tenggarong. 3
Ceremony Culture East Kalimantan helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Kalimantan Tradition Tribe Dance

The Cool Erau Tenggarong Festival

Helloindonesia.id – In the middle of every year, precisely in June, the City of Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan becomes very crowded. Why is it crowded? The reason is that in that month a festival called the Erau Festival is often held. Erau itself comes from the Kutai language, which is eroh which means […]

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East Kalimantan Cave
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Dive On the Haji Mangku Cave in Maratua

Helloindonesia.id – The various attractions offered by Derawan Islands are indeed tempting every tourist, both those from Kalimantan Island and outside the island to visit it. Starting from the beauty of the marine life, the charming Gili islands, the Maratua Paradise Resort which is like the Maldives of Indonesia to the stingless jellyfish lake on […]

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Bulungan Kalimantan
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Bulungan: The Almost Forgotten Sultanate in North Kalimantan

Helloindonesia.id – Are you familiar with the Sultanate of Bulungan? Some people may feel unfamiliar with the sultanate that used to exist in the province of North Kalimantan. One of the remaining traces of the Sultanate of Bulungan that can still be seen today is the Bulungan Sultanate Museum located in Tanjung Palas, North Kalimantan. […]

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