Krakatau Festival

Krakatau Festival, Cultural Wealth and Tourism Lampung – Krakatau Festival is one of the leading cultural events of Lampung Province. The festival which is held regularly every year is a cultural parade. That elevates the cultural richness and traditions of Lampung. In addition, this event is also a place to promote tourism potential in every regency and city in Lampung.

The festival, which is enlivened with carnivals, traditional art attractions, exhibitions, and various competitions, has been held since 1990. During its journey, there were many variations. Therefore, from year to year, there are differences in the content of the event being displayed. The part of the event that always gets the most attention. Is the carnival because it involves participation from all walks of life.

History of the Krakatau Festival

In October 2012, the XXII Krakatau Festival was held. The event was opened by Lampung Governor Sjachroedin Z.P. this went on very lively. The series of events took place from 6 October to 13 October 2012 and was attended by 22 ambassadors from friendly countries. In a series of carnivals, traditional cultural pieces of Lampung are displayed. Which are juxtaposed with a variety of contemporary creations.

Carnival is filled with traditional fashion parades from two big tribes in Lampung, namely Sai Batin and Pepadun. Also displayed traditional tupping mask art and sekura which is one of the uniqueness of traditional Lampung art. Carnival was also enlivened by a fashion show of contemporary creations made from filter fabric. In addition, unique attractions such as the marching parade of child police. Marching bands and elephants from Way Kambas National Park also enlivened the Krakatau Festival.

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