Sekura Tradition

Sekura Tradition, Festive Holiday with a Mask Party – Mask is one of a variety of arts that can not be separated from the traditional cultural treasures of Lampung. Lampung’s original mask art has evolved since the easternmost province of Sumatra is under the Sultanate of Banten. Broadly speaking, there are several types of mask art that developed in Lampung. One of them is the Sekura tradition originating from the west coast of Lampung.

Sekura Tradition
Sekura Tradition

Types of Sakura Masks

Sekura is a type of mask that is used in Sekura party events. A person can be called a sekura when part or all of his face is covered. Face coverings can be in the form of masks made from wood, glasses, cloth, or just a color polish. To add to the excitement of the event, the Sekura can be combined with a variety of outfits with festive or striking colors.

Sekura party is a routine event held by the people of West Lampung Regency. This people’s party is always held when welcoming Eid al-Fitr. In this event, event participants are required to wear masks with various characters and expressions. Sekura party is an expression of gratitude and joy to welcome a holy day.

In the Sekura party, various groups are actively involved and mingling together. Each participant can bring a variety of foods obtained from the gathering around from house to house. The food is then eaten together with the other participants in a warm atmosphere. Sekura party becomes a place of friendship and establish intimacy between neighbors.

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