Tupping Lampung

Tupping, Message of Patriotism Compounded in Mask Art

Helloindonesia.id – In Lampung, there is a tradition of mask art. Tupping his name. This mask art developed from Kalianda area, South Lampung. Tupping is a wooden mask with various facial expressions and characters of different characters. The characters that are displayed in tupping include the characters of magic knights, wise elders, rude knights, authoritative knights, graceful daughters, children who are sad, and humorous figures. The mask characters displayed are adapted to the story displayed in the show.

History of Tupping in Lampung

In the past, the existence of tupping was considered to have high sacred value. Therefore, the amount of tupping in an area is very specific, cannot be increased, reduced, or imitated. The sacredness of tupping also makes not just anyone can wear this mask. In the Kuripan area, for example. Tupping in this area numbered 12 and each of them can only be used by people of certain bloodlines. Meanwhile, tupping from the Canti area (which also numbered 12) can only be used by 20-year-old youth.

At this time, by the people of Lampung, tupping is presented as a heroic dance drama. This drama is usually shown, among others, in the traditional wedding procession of Lampung. The story raised usually tells the persistence of Radin Inten I (1751-1828), Radin Imba II (1828-1834), and Radin Inten II (1834-1856) in fighting the Dutch colonial forces. These figures were known as heroes of the pride of the people of Lampung who were steadfastly fueling the spirit of resistance against Dutch troops.

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