Indonesia Travel Covid

Impact of Covid-19 on Indonesian tourism – The impact of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak for the tourism industry, especially Indonesia, is certainly very influential. A number of tourist arrivals from China have occurred since the outbreak of the virus was announced. The empty seats of the aircraft, as well as hotels, cruise operators, and other business potentials, become loose.

Potential Losses

As an illustration, the realization of foreign tourist visits during 2019 reached 16.3 million from the target of 18 million. Of the total visits, as many as 12% of tourists come from China, or the equivalent of 1.95 million people.

In the tourism sector, the number of tourists visiting China which is currently the second largest is estimated to decline. Likewise in the investment and trade sectors. In recent years, the value of Chinese investment has continued to increase. It even became the second largest in 2019. In the trade sector, China is Indonesia’s largest partner.

Indonesia Travel Covid
Indonesia Travel Covid

Government Efforts

The government prepared three strategies to anticipate the decline in tourism performance. First, encourage domestic tourists. Second, divert Chinese flight routes into domestic routes. Third, promote alternative tourism destinations.

In addition, the government also provided an incentive to the tourism sector of Rp. 298 billion which is expected to have an impact to accelerate tourists with a target of 736 thousand which is focused on markets other than China, namely in countries such as Australia, America and Europe.

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