Tahuri Musical Instrument
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Tahuri Musical Instrument, Maluku Cultural Heritage

Hello Indonesian friends. As an archipelagic country, Maluku is one of the provinces that is famous for its seas. In addition to the beauty of tourism attractions such as, Seram Island, Molana Island and Bair Island. In addition to its tourist attraction, the wealth of the Maluku seas can also be used as a means […]

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Deasy panjaitan
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New Music Release – Gara Gara Jogja | Deasy Panjaitan

Helloindonesia.id – This local jogja musician from Magelang released his debut single titled – Gara Gara Jogja. The song, which was written by Dwi Winarno, was produced and produced by Dwi Winarno himself as the songwriter. in the production process also collaborated with one of the Lovin project youtube channels to produce this music. Briefly, […]

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