Tahuri Musical Instrument

Tahuri Musical Instrument, Maluku Cultural Heritage

Hello Indonesian friends. As an archipelagic country, Maluku is one of the provinces that is famous for its seas. In addition to the beauty of tourism attractions such as, Seram Island, Molana Island and Bair Island. In addition to its tourist attraction, the wealth of the Maluku seas can also be used as a means of communication and art. One of them is a typical Maluku musical instrument, Tahuri.

  • Tahuri Musical Instrument
  • Tahuri Musical Instrument

Getting to know the Maluku Tofu Musical Instruments

Tahuri is a wind instrument (aerophone) made of clam shells or also called bia by local residents. This musical instrument is believed to have been born in Hutumuri Country, South Letitimur District, Ambon. This shell trumpet develops in the coastal areas of the Maluku people. This instrument was developed by a flute orchestra leader named Dominggus Paulus Horhorouw. To become one of the traditional musical instruments. Then in 1958, the development of tofu into a traditional musical instrument was realized.

The Uniqueness and Functions of Tahuri Musical Instruments

Uniquely, this musical instrument the sound produced depends on the size of the shells. The larger the clam shell, the smaller the tone will be. Vice versa, the smaller the shell, the louder the resulting tone.

In the past, the tofu musical instrument was used to make announcements to the public or gather people to announce the king’s decree. For example, if someone dies, it will be blown once, and during the inauguration ceremony, the king will be bloAlat Musik Tahuri, Warisan Budaya Malukuwn three times with a long tone, which indicates the ceremony will begin soon. Local people call it Baileo. It is said that the tofu musical instrument is able to invite ancestral spirits.

In addition to calling the public. Nowadays, this instrument is often played to accompany various traditional dances. One of them is the typical Maluku Cakalele dance. Not only that, tofu is usually played with other musical instruments in the form of an orchestra at various art performances and cultural festivals.

Tofu Making Process

Making tofu is also not easy. The cleaned shells are drilled in the holes. The size of the hole will affect the resulting tone. Then blown repeatedly to produce the appropriate tone. To get the right tone, it takes the help of other musical instruments such as the flute or piano. One tofu only produces one note. If it takes several tones, then it should produce a few years.

Besides being known in Maluku, tofu is also famous in the Biak district, Papua Province. How about Indonesian friends! Are you interested in trying it?. [ZA]

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